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Peustow’s Operation

Peustow’s Operation

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In this operation the pancreatic duct is open all the way from the head (beginning of the pancreas) to the tail (end) of the pancreas. The small intestine is then brought up to the pancreas and is sutured to the pancreatic duct. The pancreatic juice is therefore drained directly into the small intestine.

At Keck Medicine of USC, our surgeons perform the Peustow’s procedure both by an open surgical approach and through a laparoscopic approach. The laparoscopic approach which utilizes small incisions is now preferred for this procedure due to shorter length of stay in the hospital and early recovery from surgery.

Patients who are candidates for a Peustow’s operation include patients with severe pain who are diabetic, have markedly increased pancreatic duct and who have documented abstinence from alcohol abuse.

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