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Colon Resection

Colon Resection

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Colon resection surgeryColon resection is performed to remove a segment of the large intestine, or colon. It may be done for a variety of reasons, including cancer, a large polyp or an area of inflammation such as diverticulitis or Crohn’s disease. It oftentimes may be performed laparoscopically or using minimally invasive techniques.

The major function of the large intestine is to absorb water. It has built in a certain amount of redundancy, so the colon is not essential. The total length of colon averages about 4 feet. After removal of a segment, the remaining parts adapt after an initial adjustment period. Your surgeon will be able to have a more in-depth discussion with you about the specifics of colon surgery should you require this. While a colon resection can be done by any type of surgeon, colorectal surgeons receive specialized training in this procedure, and may be able to offer more minimally invasive options.
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