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Retroperitoneal Sarcoma Surgery

What is retroperitoneal sarcoma? Sarcoma is a type of cancer that develops in the soft tissues of the body, such as fat cells, muscle or blood vessels. The retroperitoneum is the back of the abdomen, next to the kidneys. About 20% of sarcomas are retroperitoneal. What is the treatment for retroperitoneal sarcoma? Every sarcoma case ... Read More »

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Stoma Creation

A stoma is an opening that connects the abdominal wall to the intestine to help eliminate waste. Patients with a stoma usually wear a bag to collect this waste. The bag can be emptied when it is convenient. Stomas are created for a variety of conditions, including when it is not safe to send waste ... Read More »

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This is a surgery to remove part or all of your colon. That's another name for your large intestine. You may need a colectomy if you have colon cancer, Crohn's disease or some other problem.

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Pyloroplasty is a surgical procedure to widen the sphincter muscle at the base of the stomach. This allows food to pass more easily into the small intestine.

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Heller Myotomy/POEM

POEM stands for “per oral endoscopic myotomy.” It’s a minimally invasive surgery to treat achalasia, which is a problem with moving swallowed food and liquids into the stomach, and other swallowing issues. A flexible tube with a light and camera is passed through the mouth and down the esophagus. The surgeon cuts a thin layer ... Read More »

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Gastric Pacemaker

This is a surgically implanted device that delivers mild electric stimulation to the stomach to improve contractions. It is usually offered to patients who have gastroparesis, a condition that inhibits the stomach from digesting food well and passing it into the lower intestines.

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Select Palliative Resection of Metastatic Disease

Palliative resection of metastatic disease is a surgical option for some patients with advanced or metastatic cancer with tumors that are symptomatic (severely painful, ulcerated, or fungating). The goal of this surgery would be to increase the patient’s comfort or to lessen the amount of pain caused by the tumor. The decision-making process for this ... Read More »

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Liver Resection

Liver resection is the removal of a portion of the liver. It is the most common operation performed on the liver. The most typical indication for liver resection is a malignant tumor. Tumors can be primary (developed in the liver) or metastatic (developed in another organ, then migrated to the liver). The majority of liver ... Read More »

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Abdominal Wall Reconstruction

Patients with weakened abdominal walls may have abdominal wall reconstruction done by redistributing abdominal tissue or implanting a mesh to strengthen the abdominal wall and avoid future hernias. This can be done to repair an abdominal wall that has been weakened due to such factors as hernias or after bariatric surgery for weight loss. Techniques ... Read More »

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