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The Keck Effect: Second Chances

You can typically find Kemp Smeal enjoying the coastal vibe of Southern California in his free time. He’s a talented professional musician who plays for two churches in Los Angeles and loves interacting with others. He works out regularly and enjoys a healthy lifestyle. When he’s not playing the organ and piano he’s busy running ... Read More »

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The Keck Effect: More Hairstyles

High blood pressure almost took Raul Rodriguez’s life. He’s a professional hairdresser who lives in Los Angeles County. The 55-year-old man had to put his life on pause to undergo open-heart surgery to correct a problem with his aorta. “On the week of Christmas back in 2014, I started to get really tired and I ... Read More »

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The Keck Effect: More Family Time

Santos Hipolito Sirin woke up in the middle of the night in June 2013 and began engaging in some bizarre and erratic behavior. He opened the refrigerator door in search of the bathroom. He walked behind the television set looking for his bed. The only thing he seemed to be able to say over and ... Read More »

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The Keck Effect: Less Weight

Shant Kiyork struggled with his weight for years. He dieted, exercised, lost weight, and inevitably gained back what he lost and then some. Fearing that his own attempts to control his ever-greater weight were failing, he chose to have laparoscopic gastric banding surgery, commonly called lap-band surgery, in 2006. The lap-band was appealing to Shant ... Read More »

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The Keck Effect: More Anniversaries

In 1985 Beni Carrillo, a high school Spanish teacher in Pasadena, was diagnosed with liver disease. Her doctor explained that she would need a liver transplant in 10 years. Early detection was a key factor to Beni’s survival and she started seeing a doctor at the University of Southern California. She went through the five ... Read More »

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