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Am I Going to the Bathroom Too Often?

Frequent bowel movements may concern you, but there isn’t a “normal” rate when it comes to how often you go. Here’s an awkward but important question you may want to ask: “Am I pooping too much?” Unfortunately, the answer isn’t simple. Some people experience bowel movements several times a day, others several times a week. ...  
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Is Colon Cleansing Dangerous?

It’s considered a natural way to detoxify the body, but does colon cleansing do more harm than good? If you’ve had a colonoscopy, you may be familiar with the concept of colon cleansing, which involves using water to eliminate waste material and bacteria from the colon. Also known as a colonic (or colonic irrigation), colon ...  
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What Happens to Your Body When You Take a Puff of a Cigarette?

You already know that smoking causes cancer. But can one puff do any damage? Smoking causes four out of five cases of lung cancer, and it has one of the lowest survival rates of all cancers. Smoking also increases the risk of getting up to 13 other types of cancer. So will one puff of ...  
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Ask the Expert: Questions for Your Plastic Surgeon

The best patient is an educated patient. Take control of your health by knowing what to expect from your doctor and your surgery. Asking the right questions before having plastic surgery can help you make smart, informed decisions about your health. This includes questions about surgical technique and complications as well as your doctor’s training ...  
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Ask the Expert: What Do I Need To Know About Breast Augmentation?

Don’t just rely on your friends opinions – get the latest information about breast augmentation surgery from a board-certified plastic surgeon. Breast augmentation is a common surgery, but why take a chance with second-hand information? Instead, base your medical decision on the advice from an expert in the field. Alex K. Wong, MD, an assistant ...  
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Ask the Expert: What Do I Need To Know About A Tummy Tuck?

A tummy tuck can get rid of flabby skin and firm up your abdomen, but there are risk factors to consider. Tummy tuck surgery, also known as abdominoplasty, is cosmetic surgery that removes flabby skin to create a firmer abdomen. “There are two types of patients interested in tummy tucks,” said Alex K. Wong, MD, ...  
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Ask The Experts: What You Need To Know About Breast Reconstruction Surgery

After cancer, breast reconstruction surgery helps some women feel whole again. For many women, losing one or both breasts due to breast cancer can be just as harrowing as the disease itself. One in eight women will have breast cancer at some point in their life, and out of those eight, more than half will ...  
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Dr. Kim

Anthony Kim, MD, professor of clinical surgery and division chief of thoracic surgery at Keck School of Medicine, talks to CBS about discovering lung cancer in a woman who came in for an unrelated fall and needed X-rays. Dr. Kim operated on the woman to remove a marble-sized tumor and says the woman likely will not ...  
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Dr. Lipham

John C. Lipham, MD, associate professor of clinical surgery at Keck School of Medicine of USC, in this ABC7 segment treats a patient who has Barrett’s esophagus, a precursor to cancer. The condition signifies damage to the lower esophagus and happens to people who are long-term sufferers of GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), but it largely ...  
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